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As on April 2009, how many projects have been completed on BOT basis?

A) 5 B) 42
C) 25 D) 9
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) 9

Explanation: As on April 2009, twenty five projects have been sanctioned and nine projects were completed by April 2009 and in other proposals 42 projects were remaining in which 5 are completed.

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The national highway act was ammended in __________

A) April 1956 B) June 1995
C) July 1956 D) August 1995
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) June 1995

Explanation: The national highway act 1956, was amended in June 1995, it was actually planned in April 1956.

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The ratio of annual benefit from improvement to annual cost of the improvement is called __________

A) Benefit B) Cost
C) Benefit cost ratio D) Maintenance cost
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) Benefit cost ratio

Explanation: The ratio of annual benefit from the improvement to annual cost of the improvement is called benefit cost ratio, benefit is the profit, cost is the investment and maintenance cost is after the investment.

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The savings in annual road user costs, annual savings in accident costs and capital cost of Improvement are parameters used in __________

A) Annual cost method B) Rate of return method
C) Benefit cost ratio D) None
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) Rate of return method

Explanation: The transport laboratory of London has developed this method in which a rate of return is obtained by these parameters, the remaining methods donít require these parameters.

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The method not used in economic analysis is __________

A) Annual cost B) Rate of return
C) Benefit cost ratio D) Floating car
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) Floating car

Explanation: The floating car method is a method that is used for the estimation of the traffic, whereas the remaining are methods of analysis of the cost.

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What is the first step in economic analysis?

A) Determine the AADT B) Estimate growth rate
C) Assessment of traffic route D) Estimate additional traffic
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) Determine the AADT

Explanation: The average annual daily traffic is required for the completion of the remaining steps.

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The Vs in average annual capital cost represents?

A) Savage value B) Salvage value
C) Waste value D) Usable value
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) Salvage value

Explanation: Salvage is the income available after the structure has almost completed the life span.

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The CRF denotes __________

A) Central Road Fund B) Capital Recovery Fund
C) Capital Recovery Factor D) Central Research Fund
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) Capital Recovery Factor

Explanation: The first cost of a capital improvement is converted into equivalent annual cost which is called capital recovery factor.

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