Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation Mcqs


A galvanometer based recorder works on the principle of ________

A) Van der Wall’s effect B) D’Arsonval movement
C) Paschen effect D) Azhimuthal quatum number
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) D’Arsonval movement

Explanation: D’Arsonval movement forms the basis for the working of a galvanometer type recorder. When current passes through the coil, deflection is produced by the galvanometer.

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How many types of tracing systems are used in graphical representation?

A) two B) five
C) ten D) one
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) two

Explanation: There are two types of tracing systems used in graphical representation. They are as follows:
• Curvilinear System
• Rectilinear System.

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Basic elements of a strip chart recorder are ________

A) chalk and board B) pen and pencil
C) pencil and paper D) pen and chart paper
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) pen and chart paper

Explanation: The basic elements of a strip chart recorder are pen and chart paper for recording data. Input data is recorded on a chart paper through the following methods:
• Pen and ink stylus
• Impact printing
• Chopper bar printing
• Thermal writing
• Electric writing
• Optical writing.

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In a strip chart recorder ________

A) biological quantity is measured B) biological quantity is measured
C) physical quantity is measured D) no quantity is measured
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) physical quantity is measured

Explanation: A strip chart recorder measures a physical quantity by making use of a continuous roll of chart paper at a constant speed.

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Efficiency of a recorder is determined using ________

A) paper B) chart
C) voltmeter D) oscilloscope
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) chart

Explanation: The recorder efficiency is determined by means of a chart. Generally chart recorders are of three types. They are X-Y recorder, strip chart recorder and a circular chart recorder.

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Recorder is a ________

A) measuring instrument B) voltage source
C) current divider D) musical tool
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) measuring instrument

Explanation: Recorder is a measuring equipment. A recorder is used to measure time varying quantities even if the quantity has stopped.

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How many types of graphic recorders are there?

A) five B) ten
C) three D) one
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) three

Explanation: There are three types of graphic recorders. They are as follows:
• Strip chart recorder
• Circular chart recorder
• X-Y recorder.

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A physical quantity is recorded to preserve the details.

A) True B) False
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) True

Explanation: Physical quantity is recorded so as to preserve some of the details of the quantity with time.

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