Dairy Engineering Mcqs


When did the World Dairy Expo start sponsoring a collegiate judging contest?

A) 1948 B) 1958
C) 1968 D) 1978
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) 1968

Explanation: National dairy cattle judging contests are one of the highlights at World Dairy Expo. They were sponsored since the year 1968.

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When the environmental temperature falls below 30°F, the normal diet of a young calf should be supplemented with _______________

A) Protein B) Energy
C) Vitamin A D) None of the above
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) Energy

Explanation: In the case of temperature dripping below 30°F it is recommended that the normal young calf diet should be supplemented with Energy. This energy helps the calf to tackle temperature drip.

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Where is the Dairy Shrine located?

A) El Paso, Illinois B) Dayton, Ohio
C) Madison, Wisconsin D) Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

Explanation: The National Dairy Shrine is an American dairying group founded in 1949 and based in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. The shrine promotes the dairy industry and records its history. As of 2007, the organization had over 18,000 members from most facets of dairying.

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When referring to vaccinations, what do the letters MLV stand for?

A) Milking Line Vaccination B) Modified Live Virus
C) Milker’s Logical Vaccination D) Modified Loving Virus
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) Modified Live Virus

Explanation: Live vaccines contain bacteria or a virus that has been modified (MLV). This means they’ve lost their disease-causing ability (attenuated) or are administered by a route that prevents them from causing clinical disease.

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Neospora caninum is a major cause of what in pregnant cows?

A) Abortion B) Parturition
C) Nutrition deficiency D) Chronic diarrhea
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) Abortion

Explanation: Neospora caninum is a protozoan parasite that is emerging as an important infectious cause of weak calves and abortion in cattle.

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What does BVD stand for?

A) Boring Viral Distress B) Bovine Viral Disease
C) Bovine Viral Dumbness D) Bovine Viral Diarrhea
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) Bovine Viral Diarrhea

Explanation: Bovine Virus Diarrhoea (BVD) is a significant economic disease of cattle which is endemic in the majority of countries throughout the world. BVD is a viral disease of cattle that can cause many problems in a herd.

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What do the letters FSA stand for?

A) Farm Service Agency B) Farm Study Agency
C) Farm Sales Agency D) Farm Safety Administration
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) Farm Service Agency

Explanation: The Farm Service Agency (FSA) is the United States Department of Agriculture agency into which were merged several predecessor agencies, including the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service.

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What percent moisture should corn silage be chopped at when stored in horizontal silos-bunkers or bags?

A) 10 percent moisture B) 20 percent moisture
C) 30 percent moisture D) 70 percent moisture
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) 70 percent moisture

Explanation: Corn silage is a popular feed with Missouri cattle feeders. Harvesting corn as silage furnishes 50 to 60 percent more nutrients per acre for beef cattle. 70% moisture corn silage be chopped at when stored in horizontal silos-bunkers or bags.

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