Basic Civil Engineering Mcqs


IS 712-1984 gives specifications for gypsum plaster boards.

A) True B) False
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) False

Explanation: IS 712-1984 gives specifications for building limes. IS 2095 is used to check for specifications for gypsum plaster boards.

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Which IS code gives details regarding acid-resistant bricks?

A) IS 4832 B) IS 4860
C) IS 5766 D) IS 5318
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) IS 4860

Explanation: IS 4860-1968 gives specifications for acid-resistant bricks. IS 4832 deals with mortar, IS 5766 with laying burnt clay brick flooring and IS 5318 with laying flexible PVC sheets and tile flooring.

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How many parts does IS code 875 contain?

A) 5 B) 6
C) 7 D) 8
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) 5

Explanation: IS 875 has five parts which address the imposed, dead, wind, snow and special loads except earthquake that act on structures.

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Which IS code gives specifications about dimensions for hot rolled steel structures?

A) IS 808-1979 B) IS 806-1968
C) IS 806-1969 D) IS 808-1989
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) IS 808-1989

Explanation: IS 808-1989 gives guidelines on dimensioning of hot rolled steel beams, columns, channel and angle sections.

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IS 1893-2002 gives details on:

A) Seismic strengthening B) Improving earthquake resistance
C) Earthquake resistance structures D) Earthquake resistance design
Answer & Explanation Answer: C) Earthquake resistance structures

Explanation: IS 1893-2002 gives the criteria for earthquake resistance design of structures. It is the fifth revised edition.

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Which IS code is used to refer details regarding measurement of building and civil
engineering works?

A) IS 1200 B) IS 2502
C) IS 1786 D) IS 800
Answer & Explanation Answer: A) IS 1200

Explanation: They are a total of 28 parts in IS 1200. These cover all important information about measurements and deductions of building and civil engineering works.

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IS 2368 has how many parts?

A) 10 B) 7
C) 5 D) 9
Answer & Explanation Answer: D) 9

Explanation: IS 2368 gives specifications regarding aggregates and the methods of test performed on them. There are 9 parts in total, each deal with specific tests.

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Which is the most important IS code for a Civil Engineer?

A) IS 567 B) IS 456
C) IS 455 D) IS 383
Answer & Explanation Answer: B) IS 456

Explanation: IS 456 gives specifications about plain reinforcement concrete. For designing any concrete structure, this IS code is a must.

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